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Gentle transformation for women and men with high success on the outside
and low spirit on the inside

A simple, effective, repeatable and sustainable system for reducing anxiety and
re-balancing self-esteem and sense of self-worth - any time, every time.

Are you ready to Climb Your S.T.A.I.R.™ of Self-Confidence?

When you Climb your S.T.A.I.R.™ of Self-Confidence, you will instantly reduce anxiety, get grounded and feel more connected, valued and alive than ever before.

Life can be tough. And you don't always know how to be resilient and re-balance yourself.

Self-esteem is everything. How you feel about yourself at any given point in time will either nourish or contaminate every other relationship you have in your life.

Especially the most important one.

The relationship you have with yourself.

Climb your STAIR of Self-Confidence

“This is so much more than a book about self-confidence. It’s a complete manual for living well. Written from the heart and communicated with soul, Climb Your S.T.A.I.R™ of Self-confidence has the power to help anyone who is looking for less stress, more abundance and a richer experience of life. A beautiful little book that has the power to transform lives.”
Sophie Bennett - Keynote speaker and bestselling author www.sophiebennett.com

Climb Your S.T.A.I.R.™ of Self-Confidence

You can order your personally signed copy here. Free postage and packaging in the UK is included. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.


Are you outside the UK? If you email hello@spiritlevelsuccess.com before you place your order, we will confirm the delivery fee. You can also order your book direct from Amazon. Please note that Amazon copies do not include a message from the Author.


Praise for Climb Your S.T.A.I.R.™ of Self-Confidence

"This book is an absolute must for anyone that wants to reduce anxiety and re-balance their life. Expertly written, full of content with do-able, brilliant techniques that can change your body, mind and energy vibration. ‘‘You cannot take someone through a door you haven’t walked through yourself’’ and that’s what makes this book so compelling as Bernadette shares her own past vulnerabilities and ‘not enough-ness’ and how she overcame this. As a self-kindness advocate I recommend this book to anyone that wants a more loving, kind and abundant relationship with themselves."
Liz Keaney
Speaker, Author, Coach

"Climb your S.T.A.I.R.™ of Self-Confidence is invaluable, powerful, essential learning for every human being. Bernadette’s powerful words read as the helpful friend we all need. I would recommend not just reading this book, but re-reading it until the key points are instilled within you. With an easy to absorb, straight forward and logical approach, it begins by creating essential, solid foundations and then builds upwards. Bernadette gently encourages
you to apply the techniques and embrace the wisdom, and in doing so, you will change your life."
Thomas Dawson
Management Development Consultant www.traininginterventions.co.uk

"A Fantastic addition to your library!!!

An absolutely FANTASTIC book full of brilliant ideas. I received my copy on Friday and could not put it down over the weekend. An absolute MUST for anyone looking for methods for dealing with any thoughts of self-doubt!"
G Droid
Amazon Reviewer

"In the construction world, the spirit level is a basic, but essential tool that’s used to confirm when something is true, straight and aligned with the plan. The Spirit Level Success™ System is a discreet, yet powerful mind-tool that empowers you to instantly restore your self-balance, handle the curve-balls and re-establish your focus."
Ian Lawman
Entrepreneur and Accidental Mentor www.TheAccidentalMentor.co.uk

"What hit me really deeply when I read this book is the humility that Bernadette brings to her work and the compassion that she shares with others. Reading the words, one feels that this work is her ‘mission’ to reach and teach others who are struggling with sense of self, who are struggling with low self-esteem and who really need a helping hand to get through the blocks that hold them back. You can’t teach what you haven’t learnt and in Climb your S.T.A.I.R.™ of Self-Confidence, Bernadette really digs deep to share with us the tools that helped her transform her life. In short it does what it says on the tin - a simple, effective, repeatable and sustainable system for reducing anxiety, and re-balancing your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Thank you for sharing your powerful and unique system to help others be their best self."
Jo Soley
Your Brilliant Business Angel and Coach


“When you look intently, you’ll see that most successful people make it look easy. They seem to be able to get more done, have greater relationships and spend time caring about making our world a better place too. And that’s because every single one of them has a structure — a way of doing things that brings repeatable results every time. Now, in this magical book, you get given such a system — one that’s beautifully simple and so easy to apply. Bernadette has done amazing things to ‘codify’ the structure in a way that you’ll love. The people around you will notice instantly. They’ll see a beautiful change in you too. This book doesn’t just get you on a great path, it keeps you there too. It’s a must-have for anyone seeking a life that’s more fulfilling and more rewarding every second, every day and in every way.”
Paul Dunn
Chairman Buy1Give1, TEDx Speaker and Master Presenter

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Gentle transformation for women and men
with high success on the outside
and low spirit on the inside

A simple, effective, repeatable and sustainable system of self-empowerment