I’m heartbroken and I’m grieving. Yet no-one has died.

But my grief and loss is very real all the same.

It’s tempting to distract myself. But I know from bitter experience that when you don’t feel it, you don’t process it. And when you don’t process it, it can stick around for a very long time.

Two of my best friends are just about to emigrate. Permanently.

We have shared so many experiences, and countless weekends together. With or without our daughters, we’ve shared many a drink, a game of cards and lots and lots of laughter.

So whilst I am and always will be so grateful for those wonderful 20 years, I am now feeling bereft.

I know the world is a much smaller place now. And staying in touch is so much easier. But it’s not the same.

So for now I want to feel my pain. To connect with it. To own it and acknowledge it.

And to let the tears flow.

Because then I’ll be able to move on and fully appreciate that actually, this is just a new chapter. It’s just a little bit different to what I’m used to.

I am mourning the loss of what I anticipated our friendship would become as we all grow older and our girls eventually leave home. But I’m also waiting with eager anticipation for what this next chapter will bring.

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