What a brilliant idea to help those experiencing dementia or other mental health challenges…

– sensory-based, immersive experiences to reconnect you with hidden memories.

I read today about a care home in Birmingham where most of the residents have dementia. They have recreated a living, useable street that has the look and feel of the 1950’s. Here is the BBC article.

When you get there, all of your senses are stimulated, so whether it’s the 1950’s songs playing on the radio, the smell and taste of the current buns from the bunting-adorned tea-rooms or the resident animals that love to be petted and cuddled, the residents are reconnected to the feeling of years-gone-by.

And the whole experience allows them to access their earlier memories that bring them so much joy and happiness.

This is a fabulous demonstration of compassionately supporting individuals where they are, and giving them what they need. And using the strength of the sensory connections that anchor our memories so strongly in our psyche.

Sometimes all it takes is a song or a smell, and it will instantly take you right back to a particular time or place.

The smell of home-grown tomatoes always reminds me of my late Grandma and happy childhood memories.

What instantly takes you back?

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