I love a good metaphor!

It’s a brilliant way to get a point across. And it’s easier to relate to and remember than a list of facts and figures.

So, here goes.

When did you last stop and look down so you could take in the view from whatever mountain you are climbing, to see how far you have come?

At any point in your life you may have battles, challenges, problems or goals – all outcomes that you are striving to achieve. Each one being a different mountain you have either chosen to climb, or one that you’ve been forced to climb.

The thing is, when you are actually climbing a mountain, it’s quite natural to keep focusing on the summit. Keeping that focal point in mind helps with the various challenges you might face in reaching the summit and it adds that extra bit of motivation to get up there.

But what you may have to work harder to do is make sure you stop at regular intervals along the way to admire the view, and congratulate yourself on your achievements. It’s so easy to forget to do that.

So my message is this. Whatever mountain you are climbing. Stop where you are right now. Steady yourself, then look down to admire the view and see how far you have come.

What do you notice from your current vantage point?

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