What’s the most inspirational or motivational quote that guides you through life?

One of my favourite inspirational quotes is by Liv Lane;

“You Are Enough.
Not because you did or said
or thought or bought
or became or created
something special.
But because….
You Always Were.”

It helps me get grounded when I need it, and at the same time, it inspires me to be myself and to go out there and to make the difference in the world that I want to make.

If you spend time striving to be a certain way, to learn those skills, to fit in to that role, to walk that path – the real you is always still in there. Never willing to be moulded by someone else’s agenda.

Tony Robbins is someone I admire for motivational quotes, such as;
“At any moment, the decision you make can change the course of your life for ever.”

You are always at a point of choice, so you always have power in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

There are very few situations in life where you genuinely have no choice whatsoever.

Even if you cannot change what’s going on outside, you can always choose how you respond on the inside, and nobody else can control that. Only you.

What quotes do you take your inspiration or motivation from?

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