Do you ever notice naturally occurring shapes? I love spotting one in particular when I’m out and about.

And it’s rare to find them occurring naturally. Hearts.

This probably all started when my children were small and they were learning about different shapes and colours at school. We’d walk around our village looking for anything that was red or blue, or we’d see who could find the most circles or squares or other shapes on our travels.

Mother Nature in her wisdom realised that hearts aren’t an efficient building block, so hexagons got priority for many a plant cell or bee-hive, fitting perfectly together to create the strongest of structures.

So when I do spot a heart, it’s special. And I attach a special significance to it.

It’s a reminder to see myself and the world through the filter of love, kindness and compassion.

It’s easy to react to grumpy stressed people with the same tone and demeanour they show you. But the pay-off is never worth it. The replays of those interactions linger long after the original event is over.

Instead; pause, smile, and show compassion as you respond, imagining what might be going on for them in their world.

The quality of your life and experiences is determined by how you speak to yourself on the inside. The kinder you are, the happier you will be. It’s that simple.

This is a recent photo I took of a fleeting cloud formation that was here and gone in a matter of seconds before it disappeared.

I love that you can even see part of Cupid’s Arrow!

Are there any shapes you love to find?

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