What are the 3 perfect drying conditions and why should you care?

What are the 3 perfect drying conditions and why should you care?

Hanging out the laundry recently, I got thinking about the 3 perfect drying conditions and how, if any one of them is absent, you get less than satisfactory results.

You need;

No rain – so clothes don’t get wetter
Sunshine – to evaporate wet from the clothes
Wind – to remove the evaporated moisture and create space for more evaporation

It’s exactly the same for you.

There are 3 parts of you that all need to be in balance so you stay healthy and well.

Your Mind – needs proper rest and down time. Time where you put down your devices, and let it rest. Meditate often, and pay attention to your internal dialogue speaking to yourself only through the filter of compassion.

Your Body – needs to be properly nourished. Eat and drink consciously and well, stay hydrated and let your body rest. It’s where you live, so it’s vital you take proper care of it.

Your Spirit – also needs to be nourished. Listen to music, connect with nature, revitalise your energy and stay connected to whatever you believe in that is greater than you – God, Spirit, the Universe or whatever is relevant to you.

How do you stay well and in balance?

How do you nourish yourself?

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